J.R. Vinagro Corporation offers clean, high-quality materials for sale from our Yard.

Please contact materials@jrvinagrocorp.com for any questions.


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Large Quantities- Call Us for Discounted Rates. Quotes Are Good for 30 Days.

Yard Hours:

Monday- Friday: 7:00 AM-4:00 PM

Saturday: 7:00 AM-12:00 PM

We Accept…

Clean Fill, Stone, Concrete, Subsoil & Unscreened Loam.

Delivered Price Please Add Per Ton Estimates (Rough Pricing)

5 Mile Radius

10 Mile Radius

15 Mile Radius

20 Mile Radius

Material Sales

Stone Dust  

1 1/2″ Crushed Native Stone 

1/2 ” Crushed Native Stone

3/4″ Crushed Native Stone

3/4″ Crushed Blue Stone  

1/2″ Crushed Native Stone 

3/4″ Crushed Native Stone 

3/8″ Crushed Native Stone 

Rip Rap “B” (2″- 4″)  

Rip Rap (6″-10″)  

Rip Rap “D” (18″-24″) 

1″ Asphalt Rap

1 1/2″ Asphalt Gravel 

Screened Farm Loam  

1/2″ Minus Screened Loam 


Loam Tailings 

1 1/2″ Processed Blend 

3/4″ Processed Blend 

1 1/2″ Concrete Nuggets 

3″ Concrete Nuggets 

1 1/2″ Brown Screened Gravel 

1 1/2″ Minus Dense Grade 

3/4″ Minus Dense Grade 

3/8″ Minus Dense Grade 

Septic Gravel 

Washed Concrete Sand 

Mason Sand


Sand & Salt Mix 

Burgundy Mulch

Brown Mulch

Red Cedar Mulch

Black Mulch

Playground Mulch

Hemlock Mulch



Garden Mix


Pine Fire Wood

Wood Pellets


Asphalt Blend


Sand & Salt


3/8″-3/4″ Ocean Pebble

3″ Goose Egg

3/4″ Red Stone

3/4″ White Stone

3/8″ Cinnamon Stone

3/4″-1 1/2″ Lavender Stone

1-3″ River Jack Stone

1-3″ Round Natural Stone

3/8″ Cappuccino Stone

3/4″ Blue/Grey Stone

1/2″ Blue/Grey Stone

1 1/2″ Blue/Grey Stone

2-4″ Blue/Grey Stone 

Concrete Sand

Mason Sand

Dense Grade

Stone Dust

3/4″ Blend

Please Contact Green Solutions RI for Pricing


Materials Accepted- WE RECYCLE-

We are accepting ABC Materials (Asphalt, Brick and Concrete).

Clean Asphalt/Concrete-IN 

Ledge/Boulders/Fill Mixed – IN 

Construction and Demolition Materials (mixed C & D)


Clean Wood 


Painted Concrete- IN (Analytical Testing Required) 

Over-sized Concrete & Rebar- IN