Asbestos is a naturally occurring, mostly fibrous mineral and may consist of any one of a number of silicates. Asbestos is used in a variety of products because of its physical properties, which make it resistant to heat, fire, and many caustic chemicals. Asbestos has been used extensively as fireproofing, an insulating agent, and for decorative purposes, among many other uses.
If damaged asbestos-containing materials are not properly removed by an asbestos abatement company, they can endanger your life and the lives of others who come into contact with asbestos dust, fibers or raw asbestos materials.

J.R. Vinagro is a full service asbestos abatement company. We can easily identify and resolve any concerns or questions regarding your property whether it be commercial or residential. A full detailed professional report will be provided to you inclusive of samples results, location of samples and by photo identification.


As outlined on our safety page, all Asbestos Abatement workers are required to go through Federal and State mandated testing to obtain a license to work with Asbestos to ensure that there is no risk of contamination for the workers or surrounding occupants.

Training Includes

  • Pre-Asbestos Abatement Activities
  • Work Area Preparation
  • Establishing Decontamination Units
  • Using Personal Protection (Respirator and Protective Clothing)
  • Worker Decontamination Procedures
  • Safety Considerations in Abatement Area
  • Proper Handling & Disposal of Asbestos Waste

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